About Little Valley Studio

Little Valley Studio is owned by a Detroit based graphic designer and artist, Basia Stryjecka. Basia received a BFA in graphic design form College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. With a strong interest in color, composition and texture she applies the knowledge of design into her abstract prints. Experimentation and play is an important part of her process using watercolor paints, ink, brushes, cloth and even vegetables to create interesting shapes and textures within her compositions.

All artwork is is sold as giclee prints, printed on 300 gsm, archival, watercolor paper with premium inks. The printing is done at a local printing studio in Royal Oak, MI.


For those who prefer to print the artwork themselves, some of the prints are also available as high resolution digital files through an Etsy shop. Purchasing the digital files can allow international buyers to save on shipping costs, while enjoying quality prints all over the world. To view the digital files, please visit the Etsy shop.